Introducing Jade Tower, a stunning testament to luxury and magnificence in the heart of Dubailand. Reflecting the sophisticated lifestyle of the area, Jade Tower epitomizes opulent living at its finest. With its contemporary design and sleek lines, the tower pays homage to Jade’s rich culture and heritage, exuding refinement and grace.

Set against the backdrop of Dubai’s skyline, Jade Tower stands as a symbol of luxury and grandeur, showcasing the beauty of its surroundings. It serves as an inspiration, inviting all who behold it to experience the unparalleled beauty of Dubai.

Situated in the heart of Dubailand, Jade Tower offers a luxurious living experience like no other. Each apartment is meticulously designed, blending classic craftsmanship with modern flair to create a space that surpasses conventional luxury. From the carefully curated details to the premium materials adorning every surface, Jade Tower provides an unparalleled level of comfort and sophistication.

Experience the allure of Jade Tower, where every moment promises unforgettable memories and every corner whispers tales of indulgence. Discover unmatched grace and style in our finely crafted apartments, and immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings with unparalleled luxury.

Outdoor Swimming Pool
Running and Walking Track
Childrens Playing Area

Type of Unit
Studio Apartment
Approximately Size Area 372.43 sqft up to 405.37 sqft
Price Range From AED 540,770* up to AED 597,514*

One Bedroom Apartment
Approximately Size Area 743.79 sqft up to 938.29 sqft
Price Range From AED 998,161* up to AED 1,269,506*

Two Bedroom Apartment
Approximately Size Area 1066.49 sqft up to 1311.15 sqft
Price Range From AED 1,313,918* up to AED 1,644,185*

Payment Plan 80/20
Studio Apartment
20% Down Payment
60% During Construction
20% Post Handover (24 Months)
Payment Plan 70/30
1 Bedroom Apartment
2 Bedroom Apartment
20% Down Payment
50% During Construction
30% Post Handover (24 Months)
Handover March 2027

Accessible Location
Just 5 minutes drive to IMG World
Just 7 minutes drive to Global Village
Just 19 minutes drive to Palm Jumeirah
Just 20 minutes drive to Dubai Mall 


For any Enquiries and Registration for
Off-Plan JADE TOWER By Tiger
Please message or directly contact us on:
WhatsApp: +971502616207 / +971559620738 / +971557848293
Email us:

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