Damac Hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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RH-2320-property 1707 sft 3 Bedrooms

Welcome to Victoria by DAMAC Hills 2  Townhouses and Villas

Discover a harmonious blend of luxury and tranquility at Victoria, a prestigious residential development by DAMAC Properties. Nestled within the serene neighborhood of Damac Hills 2 in Dubailand, Victoria offers an exclusive collection of townhouses and villas designed to elevate your living experience.

Luxurious Living Spaces
Step into a world of refined elegance and modern sophistication. Victoria presents a range of exquisitely designed townhouses and villas that combine aesthetic appeal with functional layouts. Each residence is meticulously crafted to provide ample living space, ensuring comfort and privacy for you and your loved ones. With high-quality finishes, contemporary architecture, and attention to detail, every home in Victoria is a testament to timeless beauty and exceptional craftsmanship

Family-Friendly Community
Victoria is more than just a residential complex; it is a thriving community where families can thrive and create lasting memories. The neighborhood of Damac Hills 2 is thoughtfully planned to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all residents. Lush green spaces, landscaped gardens, and dedicated playgrounds offer the perfect setting for children to play and explore, while adults can enjoy leisurely walks along the picturesque streets or unwind at the community clubhouse.

Convenient Amenities
At Victoria, convenience is at your doorstep. A range of amenities and facilities are available within the development to cater to your every need. Stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle with state-of-the-art fitness centers, swimming pools, and sports courts. Indulge in retail therapy at the nearby shopping malls or savor delicious cuisines at the various dining options within the vicinity. With everything you require just moments away, Victoria ensures that you can enjoy a hassle-free and fulfilling lifestyle.

Ideal Location
Victoria’s prime location in Damac Hills 2 offers the perfect balance between tranquility and connectivity. While being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, residents can still benefit from easy access to major road networks, making commuting a breeze. With prominent schools, healthcare facilities, entertainment venues, and golf courses in close proximity, everything you need is within reach.

Your Dream Home Awaits
Experience the epitome of luxury living at Victoria by DAMAC Townhouses and Villas. Whether you are looking for a spacious townhouse or a grand villa, our exceptional properties are designed to exceed your expectations. Embrace a lifestyle of elegance and comfort in a community that cherishes your well-being. Discover Victoria and make your dream home a reality.

Damac Hills 2
Type of Unit Victoria Town house
Feature Unit
3 bedroom Townhouse
2 balconies
Lagoon + city both views

Lagoon Pool
Basket ball
Golf course
Go carting
Cricket ground
Play area
BBQ area
Roof access

Kindly Notes: Disclaimer – These charges are approximate values. It may be subject to change. Please always consult your agent  on these charges. *Land Registration Fee is 4% of the Price

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